New Features on SportSpyder
Dec 14 2009

Happy Holidays! We just wanted to write a quick blurb to let you know of recent features we have added and some old ones you may not know about.

  • Linking Preference: You can now go to your profile page and choose whether you want links to open in the same page or to a new tab (window if using IE6)
  • Custom News: Did you know you can pick and choose what sources you see for every team? If you click on the custom button on any team articles page you can include more sources or exclude the ones you aren’t interested in reading. This is especially helpful for NY based teams with so many different sources
  • Combined News Page: Do you like the Mets, Rangers and Jets? Or the Red Sox/Patriots/Celtics? You can get the news of these teams combined by just adding them as your favorite teams and clicking the “All Teams Combined” link.
  • Widgets: Did you know you can add headlines to your blog? If you have any troubles at all with getting this set up just send us a message and we will help you out. If you are interested in a more robust solution for building an application with direct links for a sport/team/player/search please contact us as we are working on an API that people can subscribe to.
  • Tweets! Yes we have tweet lists for both sports and teams. We are aggregating tweets from thousands of sports personalities. These pages are great for following games, following events like drafts, the MLB hot stove and other sports news in near real time. If you missed one of your favorite team personalities just let us know!
  • Articles: We are now crawling over 3700 sources! However if we missed your favorite beat writer or blogger let us know.

We aren’t going to ask you to buy or donate anything but if you enjoy using SportSpyder PLEASE share us with your friends! Give us a shout out on your Facebook page, your Twitter account, your blog or just send your friends an email and it will be GREATLY appreciated.

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