Apologies and Feed Tweaks
Sep 14 2012

Many of you may have noticed a number of irrelevant or unrelated articles in your various team feeds over the last few days. We had a bug that manifested itself over the course of about a week that caused things to go badly. The good news is that this is now resolved and your team feeds should be pristine.

We also updated some of our algorithms to improve the relevance of new articles from out of market sources. For example, no longer should a Bengals article show up in the Jets feed because the Cincinnati Enquirer posted a schedule that mentioned the Jets in it. Instead only Bengals articles with more relevant Jets information should cross over.

If you ever notice a problem with our article or tweet feeds let us know and we will do the best we can to resolve the issue as soon as possible. We are following over 10,000 sports personalities on Twitter so if a beat writer changes teams or a blogger shares a little too much about his personal life and politics let us know!


Comments or Feedback

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