New Homepage
Apr 18 2013

We’ve been planning of a redesign for the homepage for a while now. We have a lot of data about that news available on SportSpyder, and we really want to showcase some of the popular articles on SportSpyder for the day.

A couple weeks back we added images to the SportSpyder news pages, and it seemed like this was a perfect opportunity to use these images to make use of these images on the new homepage.

I started mocking up some designs of using the images to showcase popular stories on the homepage. Here are a few revisions I went through.

Revision 1 – This used up a lot of vertical space for the four stories, and aimed at having separate sections on the homepage to showcase top news from each major league. We decided that having MLB always at the top of the page wasn’t very optimal. There were definitely going to be times when we wanted to showcase other leagues above baseball if there were more popular stories from a different league.

Revision 2 – I tightened up the main stories by overlaying the headlines on the images. I added news to the sidebar to showcase different leagues, but it still giving too much focus on baseball news at the top. We also decided that we wanted popular tweets from sports personalities to be a bit more prominent on the homepage as well. This format didn’t really allow for this.

Revision 3 – I added buttons to make it more obvious that you can browse to your team’s news. The most powerful and popular part of SportSpyder are the team news and tweets pages. We want to make sure to guide them to those pages, so they can get the most out of the site.

This layout got much closer to what we have now, adding the tweets to the sidebar, and removing focus on only baseball being the top stories.

The final version can be found on SportSpyder. I believe we’ve managed to show all the parts we want without focusing too much on an individual sport. We’ll be continuing to iterate on the new homepage to better weight various articles to show the most popular articles and tweets. We hope you like it!

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